Terrible Towel Vintage Style, Myron Cope Official

Terrible Towel Vintage Style
Terrible Towel Vintage Style
Item# 00030m

Product Description

Thoughts on the Terrible Towel from Pittsburgh Steelers Safety, Troy Polamalu: "I think every great nation has a flag," Pittsburgh safety Troy Polamalu said. "I think the Steeler Nation, it's obvious that that's our flag."

The towel sold here is the "vintage" version of the Terrible Towel that is is manufactured to re-create the texture and the printing of the original version.

Two weeks prior to the first Pittsburgh Steelers playoff game of the 1975 season Myron Cope was approached and asked to help produce a gimmick to help create a buzz. Cope suggested that it be something light weight and something most people already might own. The Terrible Towel was born! In the weeks leading up to the game, Cope advertised the idea of the Terrible Towel to fans on the radio and evening television news, using the phrase "The Terrible Towel is poised to strike!"

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